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Ballymultimber Historic Thatch Cottage

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Ballymultimber Cottage was built sometime in the late 1700s. It has been in our family for a number of years and as heritage is so very important to us, we did not want the cottage to go to ruin.

Our wish is to let our children and their children retain a piece of history which, in many areas of our country, has been destroyed.

It was our aim therefore to keep the cottage as true to it's original state as possible to let our visitors see how simply people lived back then.

We therefore decided not to renovate the cottage, but to convert the barns and the land behind into a living space for our visitors. This way we are preserving history and sharing it at the same time.


Ballymultimber Cottage is a museum of by-gone years and is filled with relics of this time including the original stone fire place, open beamed/thatched roof, original furniture, stone floors and has neither electricity nor running water. The only heat source is from the open fire itself. As most of the artefacts within the cottage are priceless (to our family) we can only open its doors on appointment.

It is our pleasure to do so! Why not sit by the fire and enjoy your favourite wee dram and we will tell you some stories about how life was like back then… passed down through the generations of course.


Although Ballymultimber Cottage itself is a relic of time gone by, our two newly built and renovated accommodation chalets are fully equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and peaceful stay. We are 4 star NITB accredited. There is plenty of space for parking and a  grass garden with a little drying shed in which to dry wet fishing, surfing, hiking gear.


This area is also steeped in Myths and Legend, from the priceless Broighter Gold Hoard to giants and fairies and the peaceful location of our property will let your imagination sweep you away.

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326 Seacoast Road, Bellarena, Limavady, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland BT49 0LA

Tel: +44 (0) 77 3415 4835

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